Our College has the  subscription of INFLIBNET NLIST (National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content (N-LIST)" Program, being jointly executed by the e-ShodhSindhu Consortium, INFLIBNET Centre and the INDEST-AICTE Consortium, IIT Delhi provides for i) cross-subscription to e-resources subscribed by the two Consortia, i.e. subscription to INDEST-AICTE resources for universities and e-ShodhSindhu resources for technical institutions; and ii) access to selected e-resources to colleges. The N-LIST project provides access to e-resources to students, researchers and faculty from colleges and other beneficiary institutions with access to 6000+ journals and 31,35,000+ ebooks.

For accessing the NLIST Database, User must need an User ID and Password.

For getting User ID and Password, give the details (Name, Class, Department, Phone No, Email) to the Librarian, Hemanta Gogoi (Call & WhatsApp :9101109416)